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Terms of contracting rates


  • These General Conditions of Contract apply to all contracts made between the company MXFS.L. with registered office at Cea Bermúdez 6, 28003 Madrid with CIF B-72675689  (hereinafter MXF),  and its partners._cc781905-94-cdebb3 -136bad5cf58d_

  • This contract will apply regardless of the particular conditions agreed individually. 

  • Members are all persons who have a signed and/or accepted membership contract or voucher, the object of which is the onerous use of the gyms owned by MXF.

  • Accepting this contract, which is binding for both parties, the partner declares and guarantees that: 

    • (I) the information provided in this contract is correct and true and will keep it updated at all times; 

    • (II) is in good health and capable of active or passive exercise,

    • (III) The member understands that cross fit is an activity that can be dangerous if not performed properly. The member assumes the responsibility carrying out the activity in the center and is aware of his capacities and limitations. The center assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the activity or the material for the client.

    • (IV) by signing this document from the website by checking the box "I have read and accept the conditions"



  • This contract takes effect when you accept in the declaration section of the registration process as a member of MXF

  • Membership is obtained with the payment required for the chosen registration, which implies acceptance of the rules of use established by MXF

  • This contract is personal and cannot be assigned to third parties.

  • Any damage or harm caused by the improper use of the ownership of the partner will be the sole responsibility of the offender. 

  • Minors may register and make use of the facilities under the following conditions: (i) the registration application and these conditions must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian and attach a photocopy of their ID to the same. (ii) By signing this document, the person signing  as father, mother or legal guardian is responsible for the acceptance of this contract, as well as for all acts of the minor in the MXF facilities. and declares that he meets the necessary physical conditions to practice the sport, fully and expressly exonerating MXF from any eventuality, setback, difficulty, problem, injury or accident that may occur due to such circumstances.


  • The accepted means of payment are: Credit card and cash payment.

  • Monthly installments or renewals will be charged in advance regardless of the means of payment, in the last 5 days before the expiration of the monthly payment or contracted period, if different, without the possibility of postponement and are not refundable under any circumstances.

  • In semi-annual and annual subscriptions, the suspension of the subscription may be requested only for medical reasons justified in writing that prevent sports practice.

  • The bonuses for sessions and personal training will expire after 12 months from your registration date.

  • Quota promotions are not cumulative.

  • In the case of fee promotions, the member expressly accepts that, once the promotional period has ended, MXF may begin to apply the corresponding fee in force unless the member communicates his desire to unsubscribe through the client area.  

  • Promotions related to specific groups require proof of belonging to that group in the club. Otherwise, the member must pay the difference with the rates in force to complete their registration. · 

  • Non-payment of any fee implies the loss of all rights acquired in the registration. You agree to notify us immediately of any change that occurs in the bank information provided. If you wish to change your fee modality, once the previous period has expired, you must pay the current fee of your gym at the time you decide to change your modality. · 

  • If you hire an advance payment fee (3, 6 or 12 months), at the end of the period paid in advance it will be extended under the same conditions discussed unless the member expresses his wish to cancel or switch to another type of rate.



  • Sessions canceled less than 2 hours in advance will be considered completed

  • If the member does not show up for a class, all future reservations they have made will be cancelled.

  • The installments that benefit from a quarterly, semi-annual or annual discount will not be able to be canceled and will not be refundable.

  • In monthly installments, the minimum stay period will be 1 month 

  • If you opt for quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments  that will be the period of mandatory contractual compliance.

  • In the event of non-payment, the member's withdrawal will be automatic, not being able to book classes. If the member is in default  the customer management program will automatically unsubscribe from the system and you will lose any membership rights. ·

  • For the withdrawal to be effective, the member must request it through the web application or in person at the reception of the box.

  • If the withdrawal is not requested within this period, you accept that MXF collects the receipt for the following month. In such a case, the withdrawal will become effective at the end of the following month. · When the bank returns a receipt and a fee is not paid, the customer's entry is automatically blocked until the payment is made. 

  • MXF, the company reserves the right to modify the rates in force or to apply the increase in the annual CPI and to apply offers and sales promotions, all prior communication to the member. 

  • These prices include VAT. 

  • The member will have the right to general use of the facilities and the group classes taught within the hours you have chosen and according to the class quadrant exposed to, which will be established by the center as long as there is sufficient capacity in the class you want to teach. · 

  • If the maximum authorized number of members is reached (capacity of the facilities, for security reasons, etc.), MXF reserves the right to put the applicant member on a waiting list in strict order of pre-registration, with the obligation to communicate the existence of a vacancy when   becomes aware of the vacancy. In any case, you must comply with all our terms and conditions, and in case of withdrawal for any reason, you will lose the right associated with said promotion. In addition, you accept that said fee is increased proportionally in the event that VAT does so. or new taxes applicable to this service are created. 




tarifas mensuales.jpg


tarifas bonos.jpg


By contracting the personal training service, you accept the conditions in relation to this service: 

  • This service is not included in the general fee. It is an additional service and will be billed separately by MXF.

  • The fees for the set of contracted sessions will be paid in advance, that is, prior to contracting the service. 

  • The personal training vouchers will have an expiration of 12 months.

  • The coach that will provide the service will be the one designated by MXF. 

  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. 

  • In any case, returns will not be accepted.

  • The personal trainer sessions will have a previously set date and time, a duration of 1 hour and must start at the scheduled time.

  • If the member is more than fifteen minutes late on the date and time set, the coach and MXF may cancel the service ·

  • The contracted service is personal and non-transferable. Therefore, the Member may not assign and/or transfer to a third party, in whole or in part, this service, even if the assignee were also a member. 

  • The personal trainer has been subjected to rigorous training processes. However, you are not required to have specific medical knowledge or experience in medical evaluations. · The personal training service is not a medical service or similar, so the member cannot consider it under any circumstances as a medical consultation. · The personal trainer will only guide and give advice to the member on the practice of physical exercises to improve their performance and correct practice. The Member understands that the Trainer is not ultimately responsible for the Member's health. For these reasons, the member exempts both the coach and MXFSL from any responsibility for the consequences that the practice of physical exercise could cause in his state of health, unless it is proven that there was intent or gross negligence on the part of MXFo del coach. · Compliance with the training proposed by the coach depends exclusively on the partner. · The Personal Trainer is not responsible for the consequences caused by the incorrect execution of the exercises carried out by the member contrary to the instructions offered by the Trainer. 


The member undertakes to comply with the rules of use of MXF displayed in the facilities and on the website in the section "Rules of use of the BOX". We may make changes to these rules at any time provided we notify you of such change. · By signing this contract, you express your agreement so that MXF can use all the graphic and voice material, etc., (hereinafter the "Images") or part of them in which you intervene as a model and include your data in a File duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 LSSI-CE General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. 

Likewise, the member authorizes the transfer of the images to the persons that MXF deems appropriate, with the same purpose indicated in the previous section, expressly informing you that in some cases international data transfers will be made for said transfer. Specifically, this data may be communicated to third parties, without any additional consent on your part, provided that this communication is limited to this purpose. The partner does not grant this authorization with a wide territorial and temporary scope, so that  MXF may use the Images, or part of them, throughout the Spanish territory and in all the countries of the world without geographical limitation of any kind. You grant us this authorization for the use of the Images, or part of them, in which you appear as a model in the scope and purposes of both communication and dissemination of the MXF activity as well as any other project, understood in its broadest form. , intended for example, but not limited to, the promotion of MXF activities in its own centers, its website and in any other medium that MXF considers, and can be exploited in all currently known media and those that could be developed. in the future. All of this with the sole exception and limitation of those uses or applications that could violate the right to honor, morality and/or public order, under the terms provided in the legislation in force in each country. This authorization, in the terms established in this document, is understood to be done free of charge.  The member exempts a  MXF from any responsibility for any use that may be made a third of the Images outside the territorial, temporal and material scope of this agreement. 

In any case, the member may always exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with respect to the images included in these files, being able to revoke your consent in writing at any time. In particular, you also have the possibility of indicating your opposition to the processing of your images for a purpose other than the maintenance and/or development of the contractual relationship. 



  • MXF will not be responsible for any health problems that the member may suffer as a result of the use of our facilities or our exercises. We recommend consulting a doctor in case of doubts about issues that affect your health. By signing this contract you declare that you are in good condition to carry out this exercise. 

  • The member and/or legal guardians, where appropriate, under their responsibility, declare that they have the physical capacity or that of their representative, to practice the sport in the MXF facilities, assuming under their responsibility any eventuality, setback, difficulty, problem , injury or accident that may occur due to such circumstance, fully and expressly exonerating MXF from any responsibility for these concepts. 

  • MXF is not responsible for objects that may be lost in any of the club's facilities or, in particular, for those that are deposited at the ticket offices. · If we do not carry out any action or we allow you to breach this contract or we give you more time to pay or comply with it, this will not be understood as a waiver by MXF of any of the rights arising from the contract or derived from the breach of it . 

  • From this moment you consent that we can assign this contract to a third party, however, your rights derived from it will not be affected. ·

  • This contract is governed by Spanish law. · We can terminate this contract with immediate effect and apply, where appropriate, the sanctions and penalties provided for in the MXF rules, after notifying you, if you breach any of the obligations assumed under this contract or the club rules. · 

  • Your registration will be canceled immediately if you cancel the direct debit order or the payment with the credit or debit card. ·The schedules that appear on the website may be modified in each club. Any change will be communicated to the member and the notice of change will be displayed in the facilities themselves well in advance.  

  • MXF makes available to gym members or guests the use of lockers for daily use where personal belongings will be stored. · The lockers are for daily use, their occupation is limited to the daily stay time of the member in the facility and must be left free and available once that time is over. 

  • MXF does not assume any responsibility for objects brought by members, especially clothing and valuables, money or documentation. You assume the risk of theft in such cases, as well as for the loss of the same, therefore MXF recommends that members not bring to the facilities or leave any valuables at the ticket offices. · MXF will not assume any responsibility for damages that members may suffer due to improper use of sports equipment. 

  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the MXF facilities with drugs that increase physical power. In the same way, it is strictly prohibited to offer or distribute said drugs to other members in exchange for payment or free of charge, as well as to serve as an intermediary or facilitate their access in any way. In these cases, MXF shall have the right to terminate this contract immediately and without prior notice and may file a complaint with the relevant authorities. In addition, MXF reserves the right to claim compensation for damages. · In relation to the provisions of these conditions, the pre-contractual, contractual and non-contractual liability of MXF is limited to those cases in which there has been intent or gross negligence of the latter. 


The parties agree that any difference, discussion or litigation that may originate from the provisions of this contract or derive from its execution will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.




  • PUNTUALITY. Please be in your box on time, you will not be able to take part in the training sessions after 10 minutes from the start.

  • CLEANING. We appreciate your collaboration with the coaches to disinfect and collect the material used during the training itself and the area used (in each work area you will have the necessary products and materials for this). All cleaning products comply with the regulations.

  • TRAINING SPACE. Every athlete you will need. You can only use the space and material assigned.

  • The hours of access and use of the facilities will be from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays,  Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • This schedule may be altered by MXF when necessary and to avoid breaching the conditions of this contract.

  • The equipment, material and facilities must be used correctly, the member being responsible for any deterioration caused by improper use.

  • The spaces used must be left tidy and clean. · Bodybuilding equipment (dumbbells, discs, benches, weights, etc.) cannot be moved outside the area designated for their use.

  • The bars and plates should be unloaded and left in place after the exercise is complete.

  • It is not allowed to drop the material on the ground

  • The material in the directed activity rooms is exclusive to these rooms and cannot be used outside of them. 

  • Material and equipment should be shared if necessary. 

  • Cleanliness is important. The bins installed in the gym must be used.

  • In sports and activity areas, closed sports clothing and footwear must be worn, as well as appropriate sports clothing. 

  • It is forbidden to introduce drinks in metal or glass containers. 

  • Respect and good treatment must be shown with the other partners or employees of MXF.

  • The theft and/or destruction or damage of material will entail the automatic expulsion from the facilities and the definitive withdrawal as a client of MXF, with loss of the rights derived from the condition of subscriber, as well as the return of the stolen and/or replacement of what is destroyed or damaged or of its value, without prejudice to the actions that legally proceed. 

  • In no case will aggression, insults, or aggressive, offensive or inappropriate behavior be tolerated. In these cases, MXF may decide to automatically expel you from the facilities and terminate you definitively as an MXF customer, with the loss of rights derived from your membership status, without prejudice to legally applicable actions._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • The hours of the activities must be respected, as well as the opening and closing hours of the gym.  

  • Lockers are not permanently assigned. Their use is limited to the time the subscriber is present at the facilities, so they must be vacated at the end of said stay and, in any case, at the end of the day. 

  • MXF reserves the right to open and empty the lockers that have been occupied or closed without authorization, or that have not been emptied at the end of the day, being able to remove, without the right to reimbursement, the padlocks that have been placed. The removed belongings will be kept in the facilities for a period of ten (10) days, during which they can be claimed by the subscriber who proves in some way to be their owner. Once said period has elapsed, the belongings will be presumed abandoned for all purposes, and MXF will not assume any responsibility for them.

  • MXF is not responsible for objects that can be left in any of the club's facilities and, in particular, for those that are deposited at the ticket offices  

  • The use and consumption of narcotic substances, anabolic substances or alcohol is prohibited. No smoking on the premises.

  •  Failure to comply with said legal prohibition will be cause for automatic expulsion from the facilities and definitive cancellation as an MXF client with loss of rights derived from the condition of subscriber, without prejudice to the actions that legally proceed . 

  • Access and use of the facilities is reserved for MXF subscribers. Participation in the unauthorized introduction of people will be cause for automatic expulsion from the facilities and definitive withdrawal as a member, with loss of the rights derived from the condition of subscriber, without prejudice to the actions that legally proceed._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • The staff of  MXF will ensure compliance with the rules of conduct and use of the facilities, and their instructions must be followed.

  • It is essential that the member reserves a place through the aimharder reservation management application to be able to train.

  • MXF reserves the right of admission to the facilities when the circumstances or the safety of the people so advise, in any case, in order to prevent the access of people who behave violently, who may cause inconvenience to the staff or to other users or that may alter the normal development of the gym's activity.

  • Failure to comply with these rules may lead, depending on the seriousness, to the expulsion from the facilities, to the withdrawal from MXF with loss of the rights of the member, and to the sanctions of another type that were appropriate._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

  • MXF reserves the right to dictate, develop and modify the rules of conduct and use of the facilities, which will justify and notify in advance, having the member from that moment the possibility of canceling the contract without any penalty._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_




For the purposes of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, MXF informs you that it fully complies with current legislation on the protection of personal data, and with the confidentiality commitments inherent to its activity. MXF informs you of the existence of personal data files, owned by MXF, for its own management, communication and information purposes. The aforementioned files are registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which the user can access to check their status. 


MXF has adopted the necessary measures to maintain the level of security required, depending on the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of the treatment, in order to avoid, as far as possible and always according to the state of the art, its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access. 



The structure of files, equipment and information systems in order to comply with current legislation on data protection, will apply to all files, temporary or permanent, owned by MXF that contain personal data, as well as to any equipment or information system that processes them. All personnel hired by MXF and its data processors are obliged to comply with the aforementioned regulations, with special attention to their functions and obligations, which will be duly determined by MXF  

DATA COLLECTION The acceptance of these conditions requires the user to collect some essential data for the provision of their services, which will be requested personally through forms or the website. At the time of data collection, the user will be duly informed of their rights. So that the information contained in our files is always updated and does not contain errors, we ask our clients and users to notify us, as soon as possible, of the modifications and rectifications of their personal data._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, may be exercised by the user, or whoever represents them, by written and signed request, addressed to MXF with registered office at Cea Bermúdez 6, Madrid (28003) with CIF B-72675689 . However, other means may be used to recognize the identity of the client who exercises any of the above rights. 


The user will give his consent so that MXF can make use of his personal data in order to provide a correct fulfillment of the contracted services. Filling in the form included on the site or sending emails or other communications to MXF implies the express consent of the client to the inclusion of their personal data in the aforementioned file, owned by MXF At the time of the request for this information, the client or user of the recipient of the information has been informed, the purpose for which the data is collected, the identity and address of the person responsible for the file and the user's power to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your data. 


MXF does not transfer personal data without the express consent of its owners, which must be granted on each occasion, being only transferred for the expressed purpose and always with the consent of the user or client. 


The data collected in all private communications between MXF and clients or users will be treated with absolute confidentiality, MXF committing to the obligation of secrecy of personal data, its duty to keep it and adopt all necessary measures to prevent its alteration, loss and treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on Security Measures for Files containing personal data. In addition, the information of any kind that the parties exchange with each other, that which they agree is of such a nature, or that which is simply seen about the content of said information, will also have the status of confidential. The visualization of data through the Internet will not imply direct access to them, except with the express consent of the owner for each occasion. We recommend that the client not provide any third party with their identification, password or reference numbers that MXF could provide. Likewise, to ensure that the protection of professional secrecy between MXF and the client is preserved in all communications, the client/user must not disclose confidential information to third parties. 


MXF reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy in order to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as those that may derive from existing standard codes on the matter, or by strategic corporate decisions, with the effect of the date of publication of said modification on the website of MXF 


The, is managed by  MXF with registered office at Cea Bermúdez 6, Madrid (28003) with CIF B72675689.

The file created is located at the registered office, which is established for the purposes of this Legal Notice; under the supervision and control of MXF, who assumes responsibility for the adoption of security measures of a technical and organizational nature to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, MXF, in accordance with Law 34/2002, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, communicates that the broad meaning of said Law includes, among these services, the provision of information by said means. In any case, Law 34/2002 LSSI-CE and its development regulations will apply, especially with regard to obtaining personal data, information to interested parties and the creation and maintenance of data files. personal. Legal notice and cookies policy OBJECT This web page has been designed to publicize the services offered by the MXF entity with registered office at C/ Cea Bermúdez 6, Madrid, as well as to receive potential clients, business contacts and demands of employment. INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY The intellectual property rights of the page, its source code, design, navigation structures and the different elements contained therein are the property of MXF, who is responsible for the exclusive exercise of the exploitation rights of the same in any form and, especially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in accordance with Spanish and applicable European Union legislation. The MXF portal, the pages it comprises and the information or elements contained therein, include texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, computer programs, as well as logos, trademarks, trade names, or other distinctive signs, protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, of which MXF is the owner or legitimate licensee. 

CONTENTS. Information is provided through this website about services intended for public knowledge that in any case will be subject to the terms and conditions expressly detailed at all times and that are accessible from this website, which will be subject to the different legal provisions of application. 

ACCESS AND USE. Both the access to this web page, as well as the use that can be made of the information, contents included in it, will be the sole responsibility of whoever does it. The conditions of access to this website will be subject to current legislation and the principles of good faith and lawful use by the user thereof, and any type of action to the detriment of MXF is generally prohibited.

The use of this website for illegal or unauthorized purposes will be considered strictly prohibited. Any type of exploitation is prohibited, including all types of reproduction, distribution, assignment to third parties, public communication and transformation, through any type of support and means, of the aforementioned works, creations and distinctive signs without the prior and express authorization of their respective Headlines. Failure to comply with this prohibition may constitute an offense punishable by current legislation. However, at their own risk, the user may download or make a copy of such elements exclusively for their personal use, provided that they do not infringe any of the intellectual or industrial property rights of MXF, nor alter them in whole or in part. In no case, will this mean an authorization or license on the property rights of MXF It is prohibited, except in cases expressly authorized by MXF, to present the MXF pages, or the information contained in them under frames, distinctive signs, trademarks or corporate or commercial names of another person, company or entity.

RESPONSIBILITY. MXF is not responsible under any circumstances for any type of damage that users may cause to this web page, or to any other, due to the illegal or improper use of the same, or of the contents and information accessible or provided through she. 

SERVICE. MXF reserves the right to suspend access to its website, without prior notice, on a discretionary and temporary basis, for technical or any other reasons, and may also unilaterally modify both the access conditions, as well as all or part of the contained in it included. 

For any litigious matter or that concerns the MXF website, Spanish legislation will apply, with the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile being competent to resolve all disputes arising from or related to the use of this website. Access to the MXF website implies acceptance of all the previously expressed conditions. MXF does not assume any responsibility for the content, information or services that may appear on said sites, which will be exclusively informative and which in no case imply any relationship between MXF and the persons or entities that own such content or owners of the sites where it is found. find. 

PROMOTIONS POLICY. Promotions will be announced the same day they come into effect. It will also be informed through social networks, from the validity of the offer. 

COOKIES POLICY. MXF notifies users, through this notice, that it can use cookies when the user navigates through the different screens and pages of the site. While using our website, you expressly accept and authorize the use of cookies, in accordance with our privacy policy. · What are cookies? A cookie is a very small text file that a Web server can save to a computer's hard drive to store some type of information about the user. The cookie uniquely identifies the computer, and can only be read by the Web site that sent it to the computer. A cookie is not an executable file or a program and therefore cannot spread or contain a virus or other malware, nor can it be longer than 4,000 characters. · What are cookies used for? The use of cookies is for the exclusive purpose of remembering user preferences (language, country, login, browser characteristics, information on the use of our website, etc.). By remembering your preferences, we will not have to, for example, ask you for your country each time you visit our website. We will know the characteristics of the computer you are using and thus we can offer you a better browsing experience. Cookies can help our website distinguish the user's browser as a previous visitor and thus save and remember preferences that may have been set while the user was browsing the site, customize home pages, identify which parts of a site have been been visited or keep track of selections in a “shopping cart”. MXF may use cookies in order to recognize users who have registered and to be able to offer them a better and more personalized service. Likewise, they can be used to obtain information about the date and time of the user's last visit, measure some traffic parameters within the site itself and estimate the number of visits made, so that MXF. can focus and adjust services and promotions more effectively Web sites usually use cookies to obtain statistical information about their Web pages. Keep in mind that we collect data about your movements and use of our website as statistical data, not personal data. Types and purposes of cookies. 

OTHERS The management reserves the right to hold private performances in some areas of the Center.  All those objects that are found by the Center staff will be deposited in lost objects, where they will remain for 1 month. After this period, the Management of the Center or to whom it delegates, may dispose of them and/or deliver them to any Center. 




Informed consent for participation in a personal fitness training program from apparently healthy persons (without known or suspected heart disease)

1. Object:

  • By this document I voluntarily agree to participate in a physical conditioning training plan. I also agree to take part in the training program activities that are recommended to me for the improvement of my general health and well-being.

  • The intensity levels of the exercise that will be performed will be based on my cardiorespiratory (heart and lungs) and muscle capacity. 

  • I am aware that I may be required to take a graded stress test as well as other physical tests before or during the start of the personal training program in order to assess and evaluate my current physical condition. I will be given specific instructions regarding the type and volume of exercise that I should perform. 

  • Trainers trained for this will direct my activities, control my performance and evaluate my effort. 

  • I am aware that I am expected to attend sessions and follow staff instructions regarding exercise, diet, stress management and other related programs (health/fitness)

  • If I am taking medication, I have already informed the program staff and I promise to immediately notify them of any changes in this regard, both on my part and on the part of the doctor. If appropriate, I will be regularly assessed and evaluated at regular intervals after the start of the program. 

  • I have been informed that during my participation in this training program I will be required to complete physical activities except in case of symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, discomfort in the pectoral area or similar._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

  • I have been informed that I have the right to decrease the intensity or stop the exercise and that I am obligated to inform the training program staff of my symptoms. Thus, I declare that I have been informed of this and I promise to inform the personnel in charge of my training of my symptoms, if they occur. 

  • I am aware that a trainer will regularly monitor my performance during exercise, possibly checking my pulse and blood pressure or assessing my perceived exertion to monitor my progress. I am also aware that the trainer may reduce the intensity or end the exercise program for my safety and benefit according to the aforementioned parameters. 

  • I have been told that physical contact and proper body positioning of my body may be necessary during the course of my training program to assess muscular and bodily reactions to particular exercises, as well as to ensure that I am using proper technique and posture. For this reason, I give my express authorization for physical contact to occur for these reasons.

2. Risks

  • I declare that I have been informed that there is a possibility, although remote, of negative effects during exercise, such as (and not excluding others) alteration of blood pressure, dizziness, heart rhythm disorders and exceptional cases of heart attack, stroke or even risk of death. It has also been explained to me that there is a risk of bodily injury, such as (without excluding others) muscle, ligament, tendon and joint injuries. 

  • All means available will be used to minimize the occurrence of these incidents through adequate checks of my condition before each training session and supervision of the staff during the exercise, as well as my prudence regarding the effort.

  • I am fully aware of the risks associated with exercise, such as bodily injury, heart attack, stroke, and even death, and even knowing these risks, I want to take part as I have already stated.

  • I am aware that this program may or may not benefit my physical condition or general health.

  • I am also aware that there are other, more unlikely risks that may be associated with this fitness training. Despite the fact that an exhaustive account of these more unlikely risks has not been communicated to me, I wish to take part in it.


3.   Confidentiality and use of information

  • I have been informed that the information obtained during this training program will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and, consequently, will not be provided or disclosed to anyone without my express written consent. 

  • I agree that any information may be used for the purpose of research or study as long as it cannot lead to the identification of my person. I also approve the use of any information for the purpose of consultation with other health or fitness professionals, including my physician. Instead, any other information obtained will be used by program staff solely for exercise prescription purposes and evaluation of my progress in the program.

4. Declarations of the user, express assumption of risks and agreement of exoneration of responsibility

After reading and accepting this document, the member or user  agrees to exonerate and exempt MXF from all responsibility for any claim, complaint, lawsuits, injuries, acts or effects associated with them to people or property derived from the use of spaces and facilities of the center and its services, assuming responsibility. The beneficiaries of the agreement will be the center, its employees, its external employees, other users of the center and anyone who is on the center's premises. This agreement includes the exoneration of these people for injury, fall or death towards their person for those acts or omissions supposedly related to the slight imprudence of these people. 

A. Statements

You state: 

a) that he is aware that in the use of the spaces and facilities of the center, equipment, services and programs there is an inherent risk of injury to people and property; 

b) that you are in good physical condition without disabilities, illnesses or other disorders that would prevent you from exercising and using the center's equipment/facilities without injuring yourself or harming your health; and c) that you have consulted with a doctor about your participation in an exercise program and that this will not increase the risk of injury or detriment to your health. That risk of injury includes, but is not limited to, injuries resulting from the use by you or others of equipment and machinery, locker rooms, and other facility spaces; injuries arising out of or related to your participation or that of others in supervised or unsupervised activities or programs provided by the center; injuries and medical disorders caused by or related to the use of the center's facilities, such as heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes, heat stroke, sprains, sprains, broken bones, and torn tendons and ligaments, among others; and accidental injuries that occurred in places in the center such as lobbies, reception, exercise areas, and changing rooms. Accidental injuries include those caused by you, those caused by other people, and those caused by a "slip and fall." If there is any special requirement or limitation for the practice of exercise, you agree to notify the center before using its facilities; When you want advice to establish an exercise program, you affirm through this document that any type of exercise and use of the facilities, services, programs and spaces of the center, will be carried out at your own risk. The terms "includes.", "included" and equivalent terms are descriptive only and are not restrictive in any way. You also acknowledge and declare that you know and are aware that access to and use of the center's facilities without supervision increases and accentuates the risks to your person. You are aware that if you use the center's equipment without supervision, the activation of emergency services may not occur or may be delayed. Just as we advise you to use the center's facilities in the company of someone during unsupervised hours, it is up to you to do so without company, thereby increasing and accentuating your risks in terms of providing first aid and activating emergency services. You are fully aware that any delay in providing first aid and/or activating emergency services may lead to more serious injuries and complications, as well as contribute to or cause your death. Use of the center without supervision or observation of your activities is not recommended or permitted unless you choose to assume all risks of injury both known and unknown to yourself. By means of this document, you declare that you are physically healthy and that you do not suffer from a disorder, dysfunction, disease, illness or any other condition that could prevent the participation or use of equipment or devices. You state that you have been informed of the need for medical authorization to practice exercise or physical conditioning activities, as well as for the use of equipment and devices. It would also be that it has been recommended that, at least once a year, you undergo a physical examination and consult with your doctor about physical activity, exercise, use of training devices and equipment and thus be fully advised on physical activities and use of equipment. You state that you have undergone a physical examination and a doctor has authorized you to participate, or you have decided to practice physical activity and use equipment and devices without medical authorization, and for this reason you assume full responsibility for your participation and use of both equipment and apparatus in their activities.

B.   Express assumption of all risks

You have disclosed and admitted to us that you know and accept all the risks associated with your participation in the different activities of the center and in the use of equipment/facilities of the same, including the risk of injury, disability and death. You also agree that there is even greater risk and additional risks if you choose to use the Center facilities without supervision. By knowing and accepting all of these risks and additional risks, you have, in your full knowledge and knowledge of the facts, expressly decided to assume all risks associated with all of your activities and the use of equipment/facilities of the center . You know and are aware that strength training, flexibility, aerobic exercise, as well as the use of apparatus are potentially dangerous activities. You also agree that fitness activities carry the risk of injury or even death, and that you voluntarily participate in these activities and use equipment and apparatus with full knowledge of the associated risks. Similarly, we have listed and reviewed the risks with you on the date you sign this agreement and any questions you may have about them have been answered. Thus, you expressly agree to assume and accept all risks of injury or death, including those related to the use of these facilities or your presence in them, the use of equipment and your participation in activities, without forgetting those risks of minor imprudence. or those expressed in this agreement, including claims about slight imprudence in the selection, acquisition, assembly, maintenance, instructions for use and use and / or supervision of use (if any) associated with equipment and facilities

C.   Agreement and Disclaimer

You are permitted to participate in the center's activities and programs and use its equipment/facilities and appliances for a fee. You, through this document, permanently waive, exempt and release the center and its directors, managers, representatives, employees, successors and beneficiaries, administrators and various personnel from any obligation or civil liability derived from their participation in any activity or the use of equipment/facilities or devices in the aforementioned activities. You also agree to release any of the persons named above and those acting on their behalf from any liability or liability for injury or damage to you, including those caused by the reckless acts or omissions of any of the persons named above arising out of or related to their participation in center activities. This provision will be relevant in cases of minor imprudence and not in acts/omissions with serious imprudence, recklessness or deliberate, as well as those of a criminal nature with intent.

D.   Loss or theft of personal belongings

The center will not be responsible in case of loss or theft of objects. You must keep any valuables in your possession at all times while using the facilities. Lockers and other storage spaces are not safe places. Therefore, by accepting this agreement, you agree to assume all responsibility for personal items both owned by you and those of your dependents and to insure those items if you deem it appropriate. In this way, you expressly, on behalf of yourself and your dependents, waive all rights to file claims against the center and exempt you from all liability for the loss or theft of personal belongings, including objects lost or stolen due to imprudence or omission of the center. You agree to hold the center and its staff harmless from any judicial process, claim, demand (in your favor or making a third party beneficiary) against the center in relation to the loss or theft of personal belongings in the center belonging to both the below signatory as dependents. In the event of initiating legal proceedings against the center for the aforementioned reasons, all expenses will be borne by the plaintiff, including attorneys' fees incurred by the center or its staff due to such legal proceedings.


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